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High Definition Surveying, or HDS, often referred to as 3D laser scanning or terrestrial LiDAR (light detection and ranging), uses laser pulses to collect millions of points to define an object or surface. HDS provides detailed topographic surveys and precise 3D geometry of existing structures and sites for use in a variety of industries.

The scanner offers a host of advantages over the standard total station:

• Speed of data collection
• Increased productivity
• Improved range and accuracy
• Extremely dense data sets
• Safe, non-contact data capture at a distance
• Photo-realistic 3D data

HDS has the ability to traverse from and work with existing survey control, geo-referencing data from the moment of its collection. To mitigate the accuracy issues relating to the QA/QC of laser scanning data, NCG employs QA/QC procedures to properly certify scanner surveys.

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