Chip Pile Inventory

Inventory control has long been an essential tool for managing raw material flow to wood using facilities. Keeping an accurate accounting of material on site is critical. Past changes in accounting standards put even more emphasis on the quality and accuracy of the inventory.

Historically, inventory methods ranged from estimating volumes from visual inspection using institutional knowledge, to determining the inventory volumes using aerial photography and photogrammetry. NCG utilizes angle encoders and reflectorless lasers for stock pile inventory measurement. Traversing piles with these tools provides fast and accurate volume measurements. This method provides a more accurate on-the-ground look at the piles and is not subject to rescheduling because of light rain or cloud cover. This method can be used on piles with overhead conveyers or piles that are partially enclosed, or piles where machinery may partially block an aerial view. Additionally minor pile details can be recorded.

Three dimensional models are created from the collected data. The model are then used for calculating volumes of the pile. Data results are typically returned the next day. Reports are customized based on client need but typically include, Cover letter, Volume Report, Time Window of data collection, oblique views of pile models, base plane, pile base area and average pile height.

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