Design, Right of Way and Construction Surveys

NCG and its team has performed numerous design, right of way and construction surveys for the DOT for the past 20 plus years. NCG has personnel who are highly qualified with these types of projects. Design surveys can range from a small intersection to a large multilane widening project, which generally needs to have right of way acquisition as a component. The design survey starts with obtaining any existing data in and around the project, then determining the alignment and right of way lines from field ties to existing centerline control, existing right of way monuments and reference points.

If right of way acquisition is anticipated NCG will perform a Right of Way Survey that ties the project alignment to USPLS sections and to individual properties along the route. A Right of Way Control Survey Map (or Maintained Right of Way / Control Survey Map) is produced for the project, followed by a Right of Way Map that aids in the appraisal of impacted parcels.

Finally, NCG offers roadway construction survey services that span from Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) work to stakeout for roadway contractors.






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